Reimagine Fat

We do not experience the world through our bodies: we live as our bodies. We are our bodies.


Mz 007- Important 

I’ve listened to this at least 10 times since reading about it on For Harriet yesterday. 

I’m so here for a fat black woman declaring herself important, exuding self confidence, and owning her truth.

Here for this movement!  

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Mary Lambert - Secrets 

Yes girl! Love it <3

This song feels like it was written for me. The first line caught my attention IMMEDIATELY because I have Bipolar Disorder, and I actually teared up listening to this up-beat song because I related to it so much! 

y’all don’t understand how much I needed this song this week

Love Mary Lambert so so so much. SO much.

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Product info, more details, and more cute looks are over at, so check that out please!

Yesterday I had my annual work meeting, and this is what I wore. I got a lot of compliments from coworkers, and even a few from people I didn’t know while walking to my car afterwards. As you may recall from my OOTD post about last year’s meeting, I did have a negative reaction directed at me that time, so it was nice to not have that happen this year. I think it was the big Darth Vader ring that scared ‘em off this year, y’all. Who doesn’t love a Sith Lord?

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